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tiktok is a video-sharing social networking service that allows users to make short videos, usually fifteen seconds long, in different genres, such as dance and comedy. With more than 1.051 billion monthly active users, tiktok is the sixth largest social network in the world.

Whether you want to sell more of your products or services or drive targeted traffic to your website, tiktok ad campaigns can give you good returns on your ad spend. tiktok ads can help you reach a young and dynamic audience who love great content.

tiktok launched its lead generation tool to help businesses generate more leads. Wondering how to post ads on tiktok? we have put together this comprehensive guide to show you how to create ads on tiktok and get the most out of them and increase your rois.

plus, we’ll talk about some of our popular tiktok integrations that you can try for free, like:

You can also join the waitlist to be the first to access tiktok custom audiences.

who uses tiktok?

tiktok is a popular app available in more than 154 countries and has more than 1 billion active users worldwide, including men (54.1%) and women (45.9%).

With its short videos, viral trends, and powerful algorithm, tiktok has captured the attention of a wide audience, especially among the younger generation. its rapid growth and continued popularity suggest that tiktok is likely to remain a significant cultural force for years to come.

about a third of tiktok’s user base has a median household income of $100k or more. While this statistic may seem unusually high, given the platform’s younger target demographic, closer examination reveals a different story.

In reality, this figure is primarily a reflection of the way household income is distributed in the US. us, rather than actual adoption rates. Interestingly, the highest adoption rates for the platform are among household users earning less than $25k per year.

tiktok is also the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide, with users spending an average of 95 minutes on the platform daily.

All this information about tiktok users makes it an ideal focal point for marketers. but do all companies benefit from advertising on tiktok?

does tiktok have ads?

tiktok has various ads for businesses to reach their target audience, including feed ads, brand takeover ads, top view ads, brand hashtag ads, and brand effect ads.

When you create campaigns and ad groups on this platform, you have the option to set budgets for both. According to tiktok, a campaign can have multiple ad groups and there are two types of budgets available: lifetime and daily.

are tiktok ads for all businesses?

tiktok is suitable for most businesses, but not all. tiktok advertising is ideal for businesses looking for large and engaged audiences. Here are some statistics to consider: In 2023, TikTok has an average engagement rate of 17.96% and its users visit the app for an average of 1.5 hours per day. Considering all these numbers, tiktok is one of the best platforms for audience engagement.

most tiktokers are under 30 years old. if you target a young audience, you should run ad campaigns on tiktok now.

learn more about how to use tiktok for small business.

why tiktok advertising?

1. tiktok is dominated by the audience of generation z

we already established that the majority of the tiktok audience is the audience of generation z (18 – 34 years old). As of 2023, this generation represents 40% of the global consumer population, with a projected disposable income of more than $360 billion. This significant demographic shift will have a substantial impact on the business landscape as companies will need to adapt their marketing and sales strategies to effectively reach and engage this younger generation of consumers.

2. tiktok user engagement rate is high

A report published by App Annie revealed that “TikTok’s average monthly time per user grew faster than almost all other apps tested. This includes 70% in the US and 80% in the UK.” , surpassing facebook” in 2020.

This research, along with recent statistics, shows that tiktok users are engaged audiences. the more engaged an audience is, the better the advertising results for brands.

3. tiktok advertising broadens the reach of your video content

video marketing is booming and it’s not slowing down any time soon. A study by Social Media Week revealed that viewers claim that they retain 95% of a message when it is obtained through video. In addition, 93% of the brands affirm that they have obtained a new client thanks to a video on social networks.

with more videos and tiktok’s native video editing features, you can easily reach a larger target audience.

4. tiktok has different ad formats that encourage participation

The platform offers different tiktok ad formats such as feed ads, top view ads, brand takeover ads, and brand hashtag challenges. These ad formats facilitate better engagement among users. For example, ads in the feed allow users to like, comment, share, follow and record videos within the same tiktok sound.

5. tiktok advertising can help reach an international audience

tiktok is available in 154 countries with 75 different languages. If your business operates internationally, tiktok advertising allows you to reach an audience in different international markets.

why create a tiktok ad account?

Every social media marketing effort boils down to one simple conclusion: gaining a fan base and brand exposure. these people ultimately trust your brand as a reference place to buy the products you offer. To do it independently, your business may need to spend months building a sufficient following and gaining convertible traction. Investing in a tiktok ads account gives you access to a lot of followers to reduce time and increase your marketing efficiency.

let’s review the main advantages of investing in a tiktok ad account:

  • It takes less time and effort to build followers: Growing a fan base takes time, which in the long run reduces marketing expenses.
  • Increase Engagement: Creating highly optimized marketing campaigns allows potential customers to get higher engagement rates, such as more likes, comments, and shares from these followers. and more engagement means higher brand awareness and conversions.
  • tiktok ad types

    there are five different tiktok ad formats for businesses to use, including:

    1. ads on tiktok feed

    tiktok in-feed ads are the video ads that are displayed within the native newsfeed as users scroll through the “for you” page. they blend well with the tiktok feed. this makes it easy for users to quickly navigate further. With embedded ads, users can like, comment, share and interact with tiktok advertising videos.

    This is a good example of a maybelline tiktok in-feed ad video.

    The beauty brand created an in-feed ad with catchy music to increase its market share and brand awareness among the younger generation in Japan.

    2. tiktok brand acquisition announcements

    tiktok brand takeover ads appear as soon as users open the tiktok app, take control of the screen for a few seconds, and then turn into a video ad in the feed. they also appear on the “for you” page as still images, videos or gifs with clickable links leading to landing pages within tiktok. it effectively creates mass awareness and drives sales as ads are shown in front of the right audience. You can also create and add your custom logos to better stay in the mind of viewers and make them remember your brand.

    a great example of a brand acquisition ad is too face. created a tiktok campaign to feature one of their products: a cruelty-free lip gloss.

    the ad generated 7.6 million impressions and 1.3 million clicks, resulting in a staggering 18.38% click-through rate.

    3. tiktok top view ads

    TikTok top view ads are similar to brand takeovers and aim to increase brand exposure. the difference is that top view ads don’t cover the screen as soon as users log in. instead, they occupy the first post in the feed after 3 seconds. after that, it shows up to 60 seconds of full-screen video with autoplay and sound.

    below is an example of balenciaga tiktok top view ads.

    4. tiktok brand hashtag ads

    brand hashtag is another popular advertisement on tiktok. It involves encouraging users to video themselves doing something like a dance or doing something in line with the product and posting it with a defined hashtag. these ads appear at the top of the discover page. When users click on the hashtags, it takes them to the landing pages on tiktok and a collection of other videos of the same hashtag challenge. tiktok hashtag challenges increase engagement and brand awareness.

    below is an example of mercedes benz tiktok brand hashtag ad.

    they started the #mbstarchallenge to encourage users to create their own mercedes benz logo. the hashtag helped build brand awareness for gen z and millennials.

    5. tiktok brand effect ads

    tiktok branding effects allow businesses to design an ad with their own custom in-app filter. the ad can last up to 10 days at a time and is a great way to increase user engagement.

    a good example of tiktok branded ads is colgate.

    Colgate created a challenge with the hashtag #colgatekiss, to produce an aesthetic for the brand in Thailand. they used a branded clickable effect with a “kissy face” to complement the challenge.

    6. tiktok collection ads

    Although this ad type has not yet been released for all users, here is everything you need to know about tiktok collection ads.

    is an ad format that allows users to search, discover and explore products on their mobile devices in full screen mode. its peculiarity is that when collection ads are posted, an ad is created that will lead to an instant gallery page. this serves as an inspired and curated collection of your products that users can explore without ever leaving the app.

    tiktok collection ads provide a faster and more engaging ad experience that motivates consumers to take action immediately.

    TikTok Collection Ads


    Here’s an example from beauty brand e.l.f., which has made good use of tiktok collection ads. With full display, your products take center stage, making it hard for cosmetic lovers to pass up. tiktok collection ads make it easy for viewers to buy the products they see on the spot.

    how to post ads on tiktok

    so how to post ads on tiktok? It is easier than you think. The tiktok advertising platform, just like the instagram ad manager, automates the ad creation process, which includes ad creation, delivery, and optimization. The first step is to install the tiktok pixel on your website.

    how to set up a tiktok ads account

    To advertise on tiktok, you must first create a tiktok ads account.

    1. sign up for tiktok ads
      1. add your email address, where you will receive a verification code.
      2. click register.
      3. on this new page, fill in the required information such as brand name, industry, country, etc.
        1. then click register.
        2. if you already have a normal tiktok account, please use that account to sign up for tiktok ads account.

          learn how to install tiktok pixel and get better conversion tracking.

          create a tiktok campaign

          now, let’s go through the step-by-step process of creating a tiktok ad.

          1. go to the ad registration page and register your company. Provide your business location and select the appropriate account type for your business, ie business or personal. then click next.

          2. On the next page displayed, fill in your email address and password, and enter the verification code. then click to accept tiktok ad terms and conditions. that’s all you need for now to start setting up your tiktok campaign.

          create a tiktok ad

          creating a tiktok ad consists of three stages. First, create a campaign, an ad group, and then the actual ad.

          1. set up a campaign

          the campaign level is the first step you need to take to create your tiktok ads. Here, specify the campaign goals, the campaign name, and the campaign budget. Your campaign goals could be app installs, reach, conversions, video views, and traffic.

          this is exactly what you need to do to set up a tiktok ad campaign:

          a. log into your tiktok ad manager and find the campaign at the top of the page and click on it.

          b. it’s time to choose the objective of your campaign. this means the action you want people to take when they see your ads. consequently, you need to choose the right objective to generate the desired result for your campaign. For example, if your goal is to drive more traffic to your website, the right goal to choose is traffic.

          You can also integrate your marketing system through leadsbridge to make the most of your lead generation efforts on tiktok. here are two of our popular tiktok integrations:

          all campaign objectives fall into three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion, as shown above.

          there is a limit to the campaigns you can create, which is 999 campaigns per tiktok account.

          Now that we’re done with the campaign level, the next step is the ad group.

          2. create an ad group

          At the ad group level, you specify the ad placements, audiences, target audiences, campaign budgets, optimization goals, schedule, and bids for your ad group. The first step in creating the ad group is selecting the placements.

          a. select ad placements

          ad placement is where your ad will appear on tiktok. You have the option to tell tiktok where to place your ads or allow tiktok to choose the best placement for you. Leaving ad placement selection to tiktok, or automatic ad placement, will help optimize your ad delivery across different placements so you can achieve your specified campaign goal.

          as shown above, select automatic placement to allow tiktok to use its algorithm to place your ad in the right place, or you can choose placement manually.

          The block list (pangle) feature is available to advertisers in select countries and is used to block unwanted ad placements. read the blocklist article for more information.

          b. choose the desired creatives

          Auto Creative Optimization will help you automatically create combinations of your creative assets to deliver only the best performing combinations. for example, ad creatives for the campaign include images, explainer videos, and ad copy.

          c. tiktok ad targeting

          At this point, you need to choose the audience you want to target with your campaign. tiktok allows you to create a custom audience and a lookalike audience. By using tiktok ad targeting, you can target your audience using their demographic and device options to help you narrow them down. this includes age, gender, interest, operating system, location, language, behavior, device price, and mobile carrier.

          custom audience targeting in tiktok allows you to target your audiences based on customer data files (a list saved in a csv, txt or zip file) and previously engaged audiences. These are users who have interacted with your ads, or seen your ads before (impressions), app activity (eg sign up, activate, purchase, etc.), and website traffic actions (eg eg, view content, click a button, purchase, form submission, etc.).

          Just like facebook custom audiences, tiktok custom audiences allow you to target people who have engaged with your business. You can create a custom audience from different sources such as website traffic, lead generation, app activity, engagement, and customer files.

          The most interesting thing is that you can integrate tiktok custom audiences with different tools through leadsbridge to automate the whole data management process.

          You can also join the waitlist to be the first to access tiktok custom audiences.

          d. set the budget and schedule

          In this section, you must specify your budget for the ad. there are different options here, as shown below.

          Now is the time to set a budget for your ad. It can be a daily budget or a lifetime budget. the schedule specifies the start and end times of the ads. Choose a range of dates to run your ad, or choose to run it for as long as you like continuously. the day split option allows you to choose specific time periods in a day, ranging from half an hour to 24 hours.

          E. set up bidding and optimization

          This is the section where you choose your bidding process and optimization options and add third-party tracking links to help monitor your ad’s performance.

          The first option here is the optimization goal. There are three types: conversion, click, and reach. First, choose your campaign objective, then set up the billing event option. the tiktok system automatically sets the billing event based on the selected optimization goal.

          For example, if you select “reach” as your optimization goal, your ads will be billed as cpm (cost per mile). here is a link to learn more about bidding methods in tiktok ads manager.

          Then comes smart optimization. This option allows you to choose how the system optimizes conversion events and performs intelligent delivery. It is recommended that you activate the smart optimization option to help you with your conversions.

          The bidding strategy helps control your cost per result if you put it in “standard bidding” mode. this ensures that the average cost per result is within your bid during the delivery process.

          The bid option helps you set the amount you’re willing to pay per thousand impressions, per click, or per conversion. the tiktok system will deliver the ads as per your offer specification.

          The delivery type is in two different formats: standard and expedited. When you select standard delivery, your ad budget will be spent evenly throughout the campaign. the “expedited delivery” option will spend the budget quickly during the campaign. You can find more information about the type of shipment here.

          Now it’s time for the exciting part; creating your ad.

          3. creating your ad

          creating ads on tiktok is easy. All you need to do is upload your images or videos and eye-catching design ads in minutes using the features available in tiktok ads manager. You can create two types of ads on tiktok: image and video ads. tiktok has an ad limit of 20 ads per ad group.

          now, follow the steps below to create your tiktok ad.

          a. Start by entering the ad name in the column specified below. This will help you identify your ads.

          b. choose the ad format. tiktok allows you to choose from the two available options i.e. image or video. but currently, you can only create video ads on tiktok.

          c. Add your ad details by uploading your creative media. You can upload your media from your computer or use media from your previous ads. you can also choose to create a new video.

          To create a new video, select “use video template” or “smart video”. select the video thumbnail that will serve as the cover photo for your video ad. you can upload a new one or choose between the images of your video.

          Include the text and link to display with your ad. This includes the display name, copy, call to action, profile picture, and the URL of the website you want to drive traffic to if traffic is the primary goal of your campaign. When you’re done, preview your ad on your device. this will show you what the video ad will look like after it’s published.

          d. add relevant tracking links to your ad.

          tiktok allows you to add third-party tracking urls and pixels to help you track your ad performance. here is a list of supported third-party measurements and tiktok pixels.

          click the “submit” button to complete the ad creation process when you’re done. this will trigger the ad review process. once your ad is approved, it will be published automatically.

          selecting the tiktok objectives for your campaign

          tiktok provides a variety of campaign objectives to help advertisers achieve their marketing goals on the platform. these goals fall into three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion.


          The recognition category includes the reach objective, which serves video ads to the largest possible audience on tiktok. this goal is ideal for advertisers looking to increase brand awareness and expand their reach on the platform. Lead generation efforts fall under this category. once you collect enough data at this stage, you will need to process it efficiently. Leadsbridge automatically sends lead data generated from your tiktok lead ad campaigns to your CRM or marketing automation platform. this helps you follow up on leads in a timely manner and improve your conversion rate.


          The consideration category offers several objectives to help advertisers drive specific user actions and interactions. the traffic objective drives more users to a specific landing page, such as a campaign page or section of the advertiser’s app. the app installs objective is designed to encourage users to install the advertiser’s app on their mobile devices, while the video views objective helps increase engagement with the advertiser’s video content.


          The conversion category focuses on driving specific user actions on the advertiser’s website, such as page views or online sales. the conversion goal helps advertisers optimize their campaigns to achieve these specific goals.

          with leadsbridge, you can set up lead nurturing workflows for your tiktok conversion ads to automatically send follow-up emails, sms messages or other communications to your leads. this helps you build relationships with your prospects and increase their likelihood of becoming customers.

          You can also join the waiting list to be the first to access tiktok conversions.

          As an advertiser, it’s crucial that you choose the right campaign objective that aligns with your business objectives. The success of a tiktok ad campaign depends on selecting the appropriate target and optimizing the ad campaign accordingly.

          tiktok campaign goals vs tiktok advertising goals

          tiktok advertising goals and campaign goals are important components of a successful tiktok advertising campaign. although the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they have different meanings and functions.

          In short, ad goals are the specific marketing goals that advertisers want to achieve, while campaign goals are the broader tiktok ad campaign settings and parameters that help achieve those goals. By aligning these two goals and optimizing their campaigns accordingly, advertisers can maximize their impact on tiktok and achieve their desired results.

          by selecting the right objective and targeting the right audience, you can maximize the impact of your campaigns and achieve real business results on tiktok. Here are some examples of tiktok advertising goals:

          1. branding: This goal helps advertisers increase brand awareness and reach a larger audience on tiktok. By optimizing brand awareness, advertisers can maximize the reach and impact of their campaigns.
          2. Traffic: The traffic objective aims to drive more users to a specific landing page or website. Advertisers can use this objective to promote a new product, offer or content and drive traffic to their website.
          3. App installs: This goal is designed to drive more downloads and installs of a mobile app. For example, you can use this goal to encourage users to download your app directly from the tiktok app store.
          4. Video Views: This objective is designed to maximize the number of views for a specific video ad. Advertisers can use this objective to increase their brand visibility and engage users with their video content.
          5. Lead Generation: The Lead Generation objective is designed to help advertisers collect user information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, for marketing efforts. follow-up marketing. By optimizing for lead generation, advertisers can encourage users to sign up for a newsletter, download a whitepaper, or take other actions that generate leads.
          6. the difference between tiktok ad placements

            tiktok ad placements are options that allow businesses to reach their target audience effectively. these placements vary in terms of where the ads will appear in the app and how users will interact with them. top tiktok ad placements include:

            1. in-feed ads: in-feed ads are native video ads that appear in users’ feeds alongside organic content. these ads can be up to 60 seconds long and can be skipped. users can interact with ads by liking, sharing or commenting on them.
            2. Top View Ads: Top View Ads are full screen video ads that appear as soon as a user opens the tiktok app. these ads are ideal for capturing the attention of users and generating brand awareness. topview ads can be up to 60 seconds long and cannot be skipped.
            3. Brand Takeover Ads: Brand Takeover Ads are also full-screen video ads that appear as soon as a user opens the tiktok app. however, these ads are interactive and may include buttons that encourage users to take specific actions, such as downloading an app or visiting a website. brand acquisition ads are available to one advertiser per day.
            4. Brand Hashtag Challenges: Brand Hashtag Challenges are a unique ad format that encourages users to create and share user-generated content around a specific theme or challenge. . these ads can include a branded hashtag, custom music, and effects. brand hashtag challenges can help brands engage with users and increase their brand awareness.
            5. Brand Effects: Brand Effects are custom filters and effects that users can apply to their tiktok videos. These effects can include a brand logo or other brand elements, which can help increase brand awareness and engagement.
            6. businesses can create engaging and effective ads that resonate with tiktok users by choosing the right ad format and placement.

              how to optimize tiktok ads

              Optimizing tiktok ads from a technical point of view requires a deep understanding of the tiktok ads platform and its capabilities. here are some tips to optimize tiktok ads from a technical perspective:

              1. choose the right ad format: tiktok offers several ad formats, each with its own technical requirements. make sure you choose the correct format for your ad and follow the technical guidelines for that format.
              2. optimize video quality: tiktok is a very visual platform, so it’s important to optimize the quality of your video to ensure it looks good on the platform. this may include using high-quality cameras, optimizing lighting and sound, and ensuring that the video meets the technical specifications for tiktok.
              3. use proper video length: tiktok has strict requirements for video length, so make sure your video meets these requirements. shorter videos tend to work better on the platform, so aim for videos that are no longer than 15-30 seconds.
              4. follow ad specs: tiktok has strict technical requirements for ads, including video resolution, aspect ratio, and file size. make sure your ads meet these requirements to avoid technical issues that could affect ad performance.
              5. Test and optimize ad performance: To optimize tiktok ads from a technical point of view, it is important to continually test and optimize ad performance. this may include tracking ad delivery, engagement and conversion rates and making adjustments to improve ad performance.
              6. tiktok ads policy

                tiktok’s advertising policy outlines the platform’s rules and guidelines for in-app advertising. the policy covers various aspects of advertising, including ad formats, targeting options, creative specifications, prohibited content, and community guidelines.

                To ensure a safe and positive experience for all users, tiktok prohibits certain types of content from being promoted through advertisements, including misleading or fraudulent content, tobacco products and e-cigarettes, firearms, and political ads. Additionally, the platform has guidelines on acceptable ad formats and creative elements, such as text-to-speech features and interactive elements, to ensure that ads are engaging and appropriate for the tiktok community.

                tiktok also offers a variety of targeting options for advertisers, including demographic targeting, interest-based targeting, and location targeting. however, the platform has guidelines to avoid discriminatory or invasive targeting, such as excluding certain groups based on personal characteristics or using sensitive information to target users. Here are some of the tiktok advertising policy highlights for marketers.

                use the right ad format

                tiktok requires all advertisers to ensure landing pages are related to what they are selling and that there are no broken links. this is to maintain the consistency of the ads on the platform. means that all messages and images must line up to avoid confusion. Furthermore, the language used in the ad must be appropriate for the target audience. here are the different languages ​​available on tiktok:

                1. Australian: English
                2. Austria: German and English
                3. Brazil: Portuguese
                4. Belgium: Dutch, German, French and English
                5. canada: english
                6. china: Traditional Chinese and English
                7. denmark: danish and english
                8. Egypt: Arabic and English
                9. finland: finnish, swedish and english
                10. France: French and English
                11. Germany: German and English
                12. Hong Kong: Mandarin (Traditional Chinese), Cantonese, and English
                13. Indonesian: Indonesian
                14. Ireland: Irish and English
                15. Israel: Hebrew and English
                16. italy: italian and english
                17. japan: japanese
                18. Malaysia: Bahasa Melayu and English
                19. Netherlands: Dutch and English
                20. Norway: Norwegian and English
                21. Philippines: Filipino (Tagalog) and English
                22. Poland: Polish and English
                23. russia: russian
                24. saudi arabia: arabic and english
                25. Singapore: Bahasa Melayu, Chinese and English
                26. South Korea: Korean
                27. Spain: Spanish and English
                28. Sweden: Swedish and English
                29. Switzerland: German, French, Romansh, Italian and English
                30. Taiwan: Mandarin (Traditional Chinese)
                31. Thailand: Thai
                32. turkey: turkish and english
                33. united arab emirates: arabic and english
                34. United Kingdom: English
                35. United States: English
                36. Vietnam: Vietnamese
                37. also, there are types of content that are restricted on tiktok and you can’t advertise them, including:

                  1. alcohol
                  2. gambling and lotteries
                  3. religion and culture
                  4. protection of minors
                  5. weight control/management
                  6. The following categories are also prohibited on tiktok:

                    1. illegal activities and services
                    2. drugs and drug paraphernalia
                    3. weapons, ammunition and explosives
                    4. tobacco products and smoking
                    5. political content
                    6. military content
                    7. discriminatory content
                    8. adult sexual content
                    9. copyright infringement
                    10. misleading claims
                    11. sensational and impactful content
                    12. data collection
                    13. As with any advertising platform, you will need to carefully review tiktok’s advertising policy and guidelines to ensure that your ads comply with all relevant rules and regulations.

                      tiktok ad specs

                      the following are the video ad specifications for tiktok:

                      • aspect ratio: 9:16, 1:1 or 16:9. tiktok recommends vertical videos with a 9:16 aspect ratio as they work best.
                      • minimum resolution: 540 x 960 px or 640 x 640 px. tiktok recommends videos with a resolution of 720px for best performance.
                      • file types: mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp or .avi
                      • duration: 5-60 seconds. tiktok suggests keeping videos between 21 and 34 seconds for optimal results.
                      • maximum file size: 500 mb
                      • profile image: square image less than 50kb in size
                      • application name or brand name: 4-40 characters for applications and 2-20 characters for brands.
                      • ad description: 1-100 characters, no emojis.
                      • and here are the banners specs for tiktok:

                        • aspect ratio: any
                        • minimum resolution: any
                        • duration: any
                        • maximum file size: any
                        • account mentions and emojis allowed
                        • display name and text are from the original organic post.
                        • Note that the number of characters is based on Latin characters and the number of characters allowed for Asian characters is generally half the number of Latin characters. By adhering to these guidelines, advertisers can create high-quality video ads that are optimized for TikTok’s unique platform and audience.

                          tiktok ads best practices

                          tiktok ads best practices are proven methods to help advertisers create effective and engaging ads that resonate with the platform’s audience. Here are some best practices for creating tiktok ads:

                          1. keep it short and sweet: tiktok is all about short videos, so keep your ads between 5 and 60 seconds. tiktok recommends keeping ads between 21 and 34 seconds for optimal results.
                          2. be creative: TikTok’s audience values ​​creativity and authenticity, so use visually appealing content and experiment with different ad formats to engage viewers. looking for inspiration? These are some of our top content ideas to use for your tiktok campaigns.
                          3. Use music: Music is an integral part of the tiktok experience, and incorporating snippets of trending music into your ads can help grab attention and create an emotional connection with viewers .
                          4. optimize for sound off: Many tiktok users watch videos with the sound turned off. be sure to include captions, subheadings, or other visual cues to get your message across.
                          5. Use trending hashtags: You can find hashtags by going to the tiktok discover page. scroll down the page to find trending hashtags and sounds you can use.
                          6. use fomo: fomo: fear of missing out is a brilliant marketing technique for your tiktok ads to drive engagement due to time limits or product supply. users will be afraid of missing something and will participate immediately.
                          7. target the right audience: tiktok offers a variety of targeting options, including demographic targeting, interest-based targeting, and location targeting. You’ll want to connect with the people who are genuinely interested in your content to ensure that your ads reach the people most likely to be interested in your product or service.
                          8. Test and optimize: As with any ad platform, it’s important to test different ad formats, targeting options, and creative elements to see what works best for your brand. tiktok offers a range of analytics tools to help you track performance and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.
                          9. work with tiktok influencers: these users are like new age celebrities, so working with them is a win-win. They can help you create videos that promote your product or service on your channels.
                          10. By following these best practices, advertisers can create effective tiktok ads that resonate with the platform’s audience and drive results for their business. Also, take a look at the latest social media trends to see what people want to see.

                            creative tips on tiktok ad creative hub

                            the creative tiktok ad hub offers a wealth of guidance and inspiration. This tool, also known as a tiktok ad library, is a free resource available to anyone with a tiktok business account.

                            is incredibly useful because it provides users with:

                            • best practices on how to create the best performing tiktok ads;
                            • in-depth information on the latest tiktok trends across all industries.
                            • With the tiktok ad creative hub, you can use the trending discovery page to see what other businesses in your industry are doing, and then filter those examples by campaign objective.

                              by examining the top performing ads in tiktok’s ad library, you can gain a clear understanding of what works for others, and then use this information to test and see what works best for you.

                              tiktok lead generation

                              tiktok recently launched their lead generation tool for businesses. Just like facebook lead ads, tiktok lead generation helps businesses share the details of their products or services with interested users.

                              brands can use tiktok lead generation to reach and engage with their leads and customers, and collect their data directly in in-stream ads on tiktok.

                              This feature includes a pre-filled form containing the user’s name, email, phone number, and other relevant information requested by the advertiser. this low-friction process also makes it easy for interested users to complete and submit the form.

                              The lead generation form contains a customizable background image, which could explicitly represent your company’s brand or other relevant image. the next section is the profile picture. and finally, a section containing the questions you’d like to ask users, which can be customized to fit the information you need for your business.

                              When they complete the form and click the submit button, a privacy notice is displayed. furthermore, it states that tiktok collects information from users for advertisers. users are free to edit the information on the form or exit the form. after that you can download the leads manually or integrate them with your business crm or auto responder.

                              tiktok lead generation was built specifically for mobile, allowing users to learn more about your business and answer their questions on tiktok without being directed to a landing page.

                              Fields are pre-populated with users’ profile information, allowing users to quickly and easily upload and share their information with your company. Furthermore, tiktok allows you to use custom audiences and lookalikes to target profitable customers or use it to exclude some of the customers.

                              tiktok lead generation integrations

                              As an official tiktok partner, leadsbridge provides integrations with tiktok lead generation that facilitate seamless and automated data management. With these automated data bridges, you can connect your tiktok lead ads with your favorite tool like salesforce®, google sheets, klaviyo, etc. and speed up data synchronization between your favorite tools.

                              tiktok custom audiences were designed to work as a tiktok targeting option. Simply put, it allows you to reach people who have previously engaged with your content or know about your brand outside of tiktok.

                              you can do this using:

                              • tiktok interest targeting: the interest targeting list uses the personal interests of your audience and other brands and content they interact with.
                              • tiktok behavioral targeting: target users based on their history of behavior and interaction with your brand.
                              • tiktok retargeting: retargeting people who have shown interest in your content, ads, etc.
                              • tiktok target audience: targets audiences based on demographics and characteristics.
                              • you can update your tiktok advertising through automation. join the waiting list to be one of the first users to get access to our tiktok custom audience integration.

                                tiktok advertising cost

                                There are no official advertising prices on tiktok. however, the age of the ads provided an idea of ​​tiktok’s advertising cost. To ensure that your ad runs continuously, you must set a minimum budget for both types (lifetime and daily).

                                Wondering how much does tiktok advertising cost? read this article to find out.

                                how to track tiktok campaigns

                                tiktok provides a robust dashboard in the ads manager where you can track your ad performance, ad spend, and the status of your ads. You can also view the status of your campaigns, ad groups, and ads that may be active or undeliverable.

                                Refer to performance metrics such as gender, operating system, time zone, etc. to fine-tune your campaigns. This gives you a clear idea of ​​the cpm, cpc (cost per click), cpa (cost per action), ctr (click through rate) and other overall conversions of your campaigns.

                                In addition, tiktok provides report templates that you can use to create custom reports from scratch. advertisers can download their report or schedule it to be delivered at a certain time, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.

                                First, you need to check the campaign page for more information about the ad level. The platform then requires you to select the campaign, ad group, or ad tags, and click view data to view performance data and audience analytics.

                                tiktok advertising examples

                                1. arrive

                                acome, an Indonesian smartphone accessories company, created an ad to promote mobile phone accessories using tiktok’s feed ads campaign to increase traffic to its marketplace during an annual online shopping holiday.

                                the campaign achieved 480,000 clicks in the marketplace with a 6 second view rate of 34%.

                                2. kroger

                                Kroger, a supermarket chain, created a hashtag challenge campaign (#transformurdorm) during the back-to-school shopping season.

                                engaged users who posted photos and videos showing off their bedroom transformations. the ad generated more than 3 million views, 252,000 likes, 1,352 comments, and 1,747 shares.

                                3. guess

                                guess, an innovative clothing company, wanted to increase its commitment to the brand and its affinity among young people. they created a hashtag challenge known as #inmydenim. In practice, it was a challenge for users to show their fashion style in denim. the ad generated a total engagement rate of 14.3%, an increase of 12,000+ followers on business accounts, and a ctr acquisition of 16.5%.

                                4. squirt

                                gushers, a candy brand, posted its first tiktok ads, which generated a large number of views; It was viewed nearly 5 million times.

                                5. ralph lauren

                                ralph lauren, a famous fashion brand, created a hashtag challenge plus offer on tiktok. the challenge: the #winningrl campaign featured diana silvers, actress, model and influencer. it was about challenging tiktok users to show a moment where they actually won a real life challenge. this was made during the usa open tennis event

                                selected wearers won a polo ralph lauren u.s. open clothes. The challenge also allowed users to access the Ralph Lauren store on the TikTok platform to purchase the company’s products directly.

                                6. smyth jewelers

                                smyth jewelers is a century old business that delivered one of the best ads on tiktok in terms of budget and optimizations. She used ads in her tiktok feed, incorporating a simple horoscope theme and jewelry to drive traffic and drive new viewers to her tiktok profile.

                                the smyth jewelers ad generated an impressive 779,000 views while spending just $40 per day. the result was much more effective than what most companies get when comparing quotes and impressions. Sometimes marketers have to use what has already worked for their business instead of trying new things!

                                7. james allen

                                omnichannel marketing is the only way to survive today’s high competition. Therefore, the best tiktok ads help you both your direct mail campaigns and feed your other marketing channels.

                                James Allen, another well-known jewelry brand, used a combination of standard auction campaigns and banner ads to improve upper funnel optimization and overall campaign performance. they also promoted these campaigns by including a unique coupon code.

                                the results? In addition to a notable increase in brand impressions (12M views, 175,000 likes), their tiktok ads helped drive 500 new newsletter signups at a 78% lower CPA.

                                tiktok ads vs facebook ads

                                tiktok ads and facebook ads are popular advertising platforms that offer businesses a way to reach their target audience.

                                tiktok is a social media app focused on short-form video content, while facebook is a broader social media platform that includes text, images, and videos. TikTok ads are highly visual and often incorporate music and effects to grab users’ attention, while Facebook ads can include a variety of different ad formats such as image, video, and carousel ads.

                                in terms of audience, tiktok has a younger user base, with a majority of users between the ages of 16 and 34, while facebook has a broader age range.

                                In terms of targeting options, both platforms offer a range of targeting options, including demographic, interest, and behavioral targeting. however, facebook has more advanced targeting capabilities, including retargeting and similar targeting.

                                ultimately, the choice between tiktok ads and facebook ads will depend on the specific goals of your ad campaign and the target audience you are trying to reach. however, both platforms offer unique advantages and can effectively reach different audiences.

                                tiktok ads vs instagram ads

                                Both platforms offer unique advantages and can be effective in reaching different audience groups. As mentioned above, TikTok focuses on short-form video content, while Instagram is a visual platform that includes photos, videos, and Instagram Stories. TikTok ads are highly visual and often incorporate music and effects to grab users’ attention, while Instagram ads can include a variety of different ad formats such as image, video, carousel, and story ads. from instagram.

                                in terms of audience, instagram has a slightly older user base with a wider age range. tiktok also has a higher engagement rate comparatively.

                                While both platforms offer targeting options, Instagram has more advanced targeting capabilities, including retargeting and similar targeting.


                                tiktok is becoming the go-to advertising platform for marketers for various reasons such as its high engagement rate and large audience base among many. these attributes make tiktok a reference platform for companies that want to target an international audience and the younger generations.

                                Understanding the benefits and features of tiktok’s advertising features helps you realize its full potential. For example, by knowing how TikTok’s lead generation feature works, you can effectively reach and engage with leads and customers and collect their data directly in in-stream ads on the platform.

                                This includes understanding the details that make a difference; tiktok lead generation tool is also optimized for mobile which reduces friction and improves conversion rates. However, generating a large number of leads on tiktok is only half the process – you’ll need to manage these leads, qualify them, and reach out to them through well-timed nurturing campaigns.

                                You’ll need to create an interconnected data management system to achieve this. With Leadsbridge’s seamless data bridges, you can integrate with different CRMs and autoresponders and run automated workflows around your tiktok advertising.

                                discover our tiktok lead generation integrations and join the tiktok custom audience waitlist to get the most out of your tiktok ad campaigns.

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