How to Go Viral on TikTok in 2023 – 12 Effective Tips for All

remember khaby lame?

From local factory worker to millionaire social media influencer, khaby lame’s life changed 360 degrees overnight. thanks to the short video content that he used to upload on his tiktok account. Khaby has won the hearts of millions with his witty but wordless complicated “life hack” videos using his iconic hand gestures and wide-eyed stare.

Today, khaby lame is the most popular tiktok celebrity, with around 154.2 million followers, surpassing charlie d’amelio and addison rae. she is also a brand ambassador for fashion brand hugo boss and binance.

that’s the power of tiktok! this is exactly how to go viral on tiktok.

the platform can make you an internet sensation overnight. from makeup artists to DIY crafters to pet owners, everyone is now jumping on the tiktok bandwagon trying their luck harder to go viral like other tiktok influencers. With the increase in the total number of users of the platform, there is a sudden increase in competition. this means you have to come up with a unique idea that can help you stand out in this competitive world.

Of course, you don’t have to be a tiny teenager with the cool dance moves to go viral on tiktok, one quirky idea is enough to strike a chord with millions of people on the platform.

with the evolving digital world, stop looking at the clock to post at the right time, use scheduling tools for tiktok management.

Curious about cracking the virality code yet? let’s explore!

the science behind the tiktok algorithm

honestly, the tiktok algorithm is very easy to crack compared to other social media platforms. You don’t need a huge fan to touch the sky, all you need is consistency. this is how to go viral on tiktok. the more content you upload, the more eyes your content will grab.

now you may be wondering how the tiktok algorithm works. so here is the answer.

tiktok’s algorithm is designed to classify creative and entertaining content. These videos are algorithmically generated and personalized for each user based on their interests. is constantly evolving to provide users with the best possible content.

The algorithm makes sure users get the best content they’re looking for, so it starts populating their feed with relevant videos. The algorithm decides which videos are shown to each user based on various factors, including the user’s past behavior, interactions, and engagement.

It also takes into account a variety of factors, including the user’s location, the type of content they’ve liked in the past, and the time of day. For example, if you frequently watch funny pet videos, then the algorithm makes sure that you show more of them in your feed. and after all, there is not a single factor behind the huge tiktok algorithm. multiple factors influence the algorithm, and these factors include

    • user activity
    • themes
    • location
    • audio

in the end, tiktok’s algorithm changes frequently, but knowing the hooks and loopholes can definitely help you get the most out of it.

7 best tips and tricks to go viral on tiktok

Let’s be honest; you can easily steal the spotlight and get featured on the For You page; anyone can blow up, with 2K or even 2 followers. Whether you are learning more about the algorithm or trying how to go viral on TikTok, I have compiled the 7 best tips and tricks inspired by TikTok influencers and tips and tricks to go viral on TikTok

    1. be consistent

      tiktok presents a unique opportunity for businesses and brands to reach a new audience. Still, consistency is the key to success with any social media platform, but how can you get more views on tiktok video? The answer is quite simple: be consistent. Posting regularly will help you grow your audience and keep them engaged.

      you should post multiple times a day to get the most out of tiktok.

      Of course, you don’t have to post every time you create a video, but it’s important that you do it at least once or twice a week. don’t be afraid to post more than once a day. Your viewers will appreciate if they can check out new content from time to time instead of being bombarded by the same things repeatedly. you can always change your strategy if it doesn’t work, but consistency is key, and that’s how to go viral on tiktok.

      For example, when it comes to consistently posting on the platform, czn burak knows how to stick to a schedule and engage the audience with his entertaining content. His followers on tiktok are around 65.6 million.

    2. keep up with the latest trends

      it’s easy to get lost in the world of tiktok and forget about everything else. You can search for topics or genres of videos, scroll through them, and watch them for as long as you want. but it’s also a place to stay up to date on what’s happening in your favorite categories. You can find trending music videos, explore new meme faces, and catch up with your favorite YouTube stars as they make their rounds on TikTok. this is how you can find the latest trends on the platform.

        • discover page: The discover page is where you can find all the content from your favorite creators and new people to follow. You can also set filters for specific topics or hashtags so that when you search for something specific on tiktok, it only shows those results.
          • follow tiktok influencers: know who is trending. To do this, search for other users and check their stories. You can also follow people you like or check the stories of other users.
            • search for keywords related to your interests: For example, if you’re looking for challenges that are trending, search for “dance challenges” on tiktok and see what comes up. you can find videos of people participating in different challenges.

      let’s take a look at the latest tiktok trend these days, “my cue to go”; you can be inspired by the video to create your own.

          • add relevant hashtags

            When it comes to hashtags on tiktok, you need to be strategic when using hashtags in your tiktok videos. You never know when someone will come across your feed. If you want to increase the visibility of your video, check out the trending hashtags. just type the hashtag you’re interested in and see what pops up. For example, if the keywords are already associated with your video, then this could be a great opportunity to target the same audience. this is exactly how to go viral on tiktok with the relevant hashtags.

            when choosing the right hashtags, keep several things in mind:

              • make sure they are not too generic; if people don’t know what they want to say, no one will look at them.
              • Choose only those that are relevant; do not use all possible options available.
              • You can also use the #foryou page to find other trending hashtags as this is the most popular hashtag.
              • You can create your own branded hashtags, which will help your followers find your content.

            you know hashtags are powerful and tiktok users know how to make the most of them. check out the hashtags below this video.

            • using the green effect feature

              TikTok’s most popular feature is its green effect feature, which allows you to add filters to videos and make them look more professional with just one tap. the green screen feature allows you to add a green background behind your video. You can use this effect on any of your tiktok videos and see how it looks in real time or make your own using one of the pre-made templates. this is how you can use it

                • open the tiktok app and tap the + sign to create your video
                • now select the effects and in the trending section select the “green screen” effect
                • next, choose any image from your phone gallery to use as background and click record

              for example, a very popular airline brand, ryanair, uses a green effect filter in their tiktok videos. they create short videos using the green effect filter, and almost all of their content goes viral.

              • videos with better ‘stitch’ performance

                Collaboration is the key factor of any social media platform, and of course, no one can do it better than tiktok. Another effective yet popular collaboration feature on tiktok is the “stitch” feature. allows users to combine multiple tiktok videos with the ones they are already creating. Believe it or not, one of the secrets behind the mysterious question of how to go viral on tiktok is to put together high-performing videos.

                the join feature is very useful as it helps to broaden the conversation and reach a larger audience. this is how you can join your videos together:

                    • open the tiktok app and find the relevant video you want to join.
                    • now tap the share button in the right corner.
                    • with the other editing tools below, select stitch.
                    • choose the section of the video you want to join.
                    • then tap the red button to start recording, and when finished, click the check mark.

                  Let’s look at the following example.

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                    1. try vlog-style videos

                      vlogging is a fun way to share your experience with the world, and tiktok has made it easier than ever to do so. vlogging on tiktok is not like vlogging on youtube, but you can use tiktok app to record images and make videos that are more like short films than small snippets of life moments, and this can be another approach to go viral on tiktok .

                      You can film yourself talking about an experience or event and give people a glimpse of your day. this is especially helpful if you have something interesting going on in your life. if you’re just starting out, follow these key points:

                        • choose a good background. you want something with color and texture so viewers don’t feel like they’re watching a boring video of just your face.
                        • make sure the lighting is good. if there is not enough light in the room or if it is too bright, people will not be able to see what is happening on the screen very well.

                      here is an example of successful mom erin bachman’s tiktok account where she posts about her daily life.

                      • interact with your followers

                        If you want people to interact with you, it’s important that you also interact with them. It may seem like a lot of work, but interacting with your followers will make them feel appreciated and engaged. this can lead to more likes and comments on your content and higher overall engagement.

                        Responding to comments and messages is a great way to connect with your followers. the more often you reply, the better you’ll feel when someone else does. can respond within 24 hours of receiving a message so people can react before they forget.

                        If someone has commented on one of your videos or photos in the last week or two, give them a shout out. you can do this by tagging them in the caption of your video/photo and using hashtags like #tiktok or #tiktokmusic. this will help spread the word about what you’re doing and honestly engaging with your audience is a cracked code behind how to go viral on tiktok.

                        When it comes to engaging with your audience, Duolingo knows how to do it. check out duolingo videos and how they interact with their audience.

                        how to go viral on tiktok with fewer followers?

                        Do you already have fewer followers on your tiktok account? well, that’s not a big deal. Your video content still has a chance to go viral, and it all depends on the quality of the content. if your video content performs well and quickly ignites sparks in your audience in just a few hours, then it will drive further and you will be the star of tiktok in no time.

                        I already wonder how to go viral on tiktok overnight with less followers. here are the secret tricks

                        tips to go viral on TikTok

                        1. turn on fomo on users

                          asmr, a very popular term on tiktok. these oddly satisfying videos lift your spirits, calm your mind, and trust me. these videos have a million views.

                          have you noticed those short product unboxing videos on tiktok. these videos ignite fomo in users, and you can create such videos as well. tiktok is bombarded with asmr videos. the one that makes you feel satisfied when you hear the sound of crushing, crushing or opening packages.

                          Let’s be honest, these videos can make users curious and everyone wants to try them for themselves. you can also create these satisfying videos. start with the easy. try arts and crafts videos; these videos include materials such as colored paper, cardboard, design cards, miniatures and other creative things.

                          for example, you can take inspiration from this video and create one like this.

                        2. keep it short and sweet

                          tiktok has different video duration limits: 15 seconds, 60 seconds and 3 minutes, and honestly, you can use the full time and no one stops you.

                          but there’s one thing: tiktok users scroll quickly to digest small videos and usually skip longer ones. the shorter the video, the more it will capture the attention of the audience in a short period of time. a long video can make users lose interest and scroll it, but shorter videos don’t give them enough time to lose interest; you can rewind it and watch it again if the video is entertaining.

                          Short videos help you get a larger audience and also maximize your interactions. For example, you’ve probably noticed that tiktok influencers create shorter videos because they know how the platform works. the shorter the video, the more eyes will turn to your content, and this is exactly how to go viral on tiktok.

                          here is a video inspired by addison rae, a popular tiktok star. Her video is 10 seconds long and has 6.7 million views.

                          featured article: youtube shorts: everything you need to know about them

                          1. post at the right time

                            With so much content being posted to the platform every minute, how can you make sure your target audience sees your content? Well, the answer is simple and concise: post at the right time.

                            In addition to posting your content frequently on the platform, it is very important to post it at the right time.

                            In addition, posting at the right time can have a significant impact on your video in terms of likes, comments, and shares. with so many schedules and different time zones, don’t forget to follow these tips and analyze how to go viral on tiktok.

                            • Keep an eye on your tiktok analytics and analyze when your audience is most active.
                            • use social media management tools like social champ and post your tiktok videos at custom time intervals.
                            • post during peak hours so the majority of your audience can see your videos.
                            • Experiment with different time zones and see what works best for you.
                            • ‘did you know’ videos

                              Who doesn’t love watching those short did you know videos? Of course, we all love to watch. there is something special about these videos: built-in hooks that steal the attention of the users and hook them to watch until the end. you can find tons of ‘did you know videos on the platform? so before you start creating your videos, be sure to follow these tips.

                                • include effective communication: Your communication with your audience is important. try to communicate clearly in your videos.
                                • present a clear narrative: Structure your video content correctly to avoid confusion.
                                • use visuals, effects and text – just to liven up your video a bit more, try adding funky or funky music; effects and text overlays can be the icing on the cake.

                              for example, you can be inspired by this popular video on tiktok.

                              • use tasteful humor

                                comedy is a big part of any social media platform, and tiktok is a place where people come to laugh and unwind with entertaining content. Let’s be honest, watching funny animal videos can make anyone’s day.

                                so, spice up your tiktok videos with a dash of humor. create funny videos and give your audience a chance to laugh. this is how you can add humor to your videos and this is how to go viral on tiktok.

                                  • create videos that are entertaining and original. this will help you stand out from the crowd, and your content can circulate on tiktok.
                                  • use relevant hashtags. these powerful hashtags can help a lot of people discover your content on the platform.
                                  • The best mood comes naturally. experiment recording your videos with your quirky friends or clients. you never know if someone might find your content funny and you’ll be featured on the page for yourself.

                                when it comes to humor, one name comes to mind, khaby licks.

                                best tiktok subtitles to go viral

                                your short, witty videos need subtitles, right? With all the time and effort you put into creating your tiktok videos, your caption should speak to your video. With all the viral captions floating around the platform, here I have combined all the virals that can go with your videos. these best captions are the reason behind how to go viral on tiktok.

                                    • ‘I did it all in one take’
                                      • ‘my day: wake up, tiktok, sleep’
                                        • ‘dunkin donuts should sponsor me’
                                          • ‘dancing is life’
                                            • ‘you are my sunshine on a rainy day’
                                              • ‘witness story in progress’
                                                • How long until I’m famous on tiktok?
                                                  • ‘all you need is love and tiktok’
                                                    • ‘positive mind. positive vibes. positive life’
                                                      • ‘your challenge has been accepted’
                                                        • ‘making my way to the #foryou page’

                                now you’re viral!

                                There’s one thing I really like about the platform, and that’s that tiktok doesn’t need a million followers, video content is the most important thing. and again, tiktok is a short and quirky platform that allows you to climb the ladder of success. So, if you’re new to the platform and trying your hand at becoming a tiktok celebrity overnight, give yourself room to experiment with these best tips and tricks.

                                frequently asked questions

                                                        1. how long does it take to go viral on tiktok? if your video reaches one million views, it is considered medium viral, and if your video content gets five million views within three to seven days, you will become a tiktok star.
                                                          1. Is there any trick to go viral on tiktok? Well, there’s no sure formula for this, but being fun and relatable in your posts can help you do it.
                                                            1. How many tiktoks should I post per day? you must post at least 1-3 tiktok videos in a day.

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