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It’s busy finding customer service for mobile apps. tiktok has improved their customer service time and time again. You may feel a little dizzy while searching for tiktok customer service online. so we thought we would simplify the process for you. here is the step by step guide on how to contact tiktok customer support.

There are several ways to reach tiktok’s customer service number and tiktok’s support email, including their official facebook page and comments left on videos to get in touch with a specific creator. You can also try to contact tiktok support team via email. you can find the relevant email addresses below.

  1. to report a problem: [email protected] or [email protected].
  2. for general feedback: [email protected].
  3. for ad-related inquiries: [email protected].
  4. for advertising claims: [email protected].
  5. for press inquiries: [email protected].
  6. japan: [email protected]
  7. The company’s twitter account is @tiktok_us, and its twitter profile may be different for users outside the US. You are in the US, so tweeting from outside the United States may give you a faster response time. you can also use the shortcuts for the service.

    reading this article will clarify how to contact tiktok support in more depth. keep reading to find out!

    can we contact tiktok customer service for help?

    you can get help from tiktok if you have technical problems while using the app. be sure to be as detailed as possible when asking questions. You can also create a new page or write to the company’s support team.

    The support team responds to emails within a day, but it may take longer if the company is overloaded.

    You can reach the tiktok customer support team from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 5 p.m. m. pacific standard time, seven days a week on twitter. if you are outside of the usa >

    otherwise you can tweet @tiktok_us. In case you are looking for tiktok help, you can contact their customer service through the official website. You can also leave a comment on one of your videos.

    last but not least, you can also send a message on facebook page or website support page.

    how to send an email to tiktok

    to report a problem: [email protected] or [email protected]. for general feedback: [email protected]. for advertising related inquiries: [email protected]. for advertising claims: [email protected]

    all tiktok email addresses are useful for general account inquiries, complaints and other issues that may arise on your account. once you have done this, your question should be directed to a member of the tiktok community. the following tips will help you contact tiktok with your questions and concerns.

    In case you can’t locate the address of the company’s support team, you can contact them via twitter. follow @tiktok_us to send your questions and requests to the company.

    how to contact tiktok using their feedback form

    tiktok customer service

    you can use the problem reporting feature of the app. alternatively, you can use the web form to report any problems with the service. just remember to confirm that all the information you give is true. If your problem cannot be resolved through the feedback form, you can contact the company through social media, such as twitter or facebook.

    To report a problem, you can use the “tell us about the problem” section of the app. this page allows you to send as many attachments as you want. you can include up to 10 images and videos.

    You can also attach screenshots if you want. once you submit your report you will receive an email from tiktok. just check your inbox to see if you got a reply.

    you can then send an email to tiktok. select the “comments” tab and fill out the form. You can upload up to 10 attachments when you have completed the form. once you have submitted your feedback, you will receive a response from the company.

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the company via email. you can use the email addresses provided on the feedback page.

    how to contact tiktok in the app

    To contact tiktok support, you can use your email address or the feedback form. You can use the feedback form to send an email with complaints or general questions. You can also use the mobile messaging feature to send an email to tiktok. be sure to include your username and email in the subject line.

    to report a problem with tiktok, you can use the feedback form. this form will display a pre-defined list of topics, from general account inquiries to ban appeals.

    once you’ve entered your feedback, you can email tiktok’s customer support team. If you have more problems, you can also comment on other users’ posts. if you need more help you can try emailing them or contacting them via twitter.

    how to contact tiktok about a banned account

    The first step is to be prepared to explain your actions and why you think you’ve been banned. it is possible that you did something accidentally and did not realize that in some cases you were reported. You can also fill out an appeal form if you’ve been notified that your account has been locked.

    the second step is to contact tiktok. you can do this by completing a form on the website. You will need to provide a bit of information about your account and why you are trying to recover it. then you will need to upload up to 10 screenshots of your account and explain why you have been banned. be sure to include an image of the ban and the reason for the ban.

    if your account has been banned due to inactivity, you can email tiktok support team and ask them to unban it. you will usually receive a response within six to eight hours. The company’s website has FAQs on how to contact TikTok about banned accounts. you can also read tips on how to contact tiktok on reddit.

    how to report a problem to tiktok

    you have to open the app and select the “report a problem” button. this will open a page where you can describe your problem in detail. by doing so, the app will notice the problem and take steps to resolve it. the process is quite simple and takes only a few minutes.

    If a video contains inappropriate content, you can choose to hide it from certain users or videos with specific sounds. You can also report a video if you find a video offensive or contains inaccurate information.

    Go to the “report” tab on the app’s website to report a problem. You’ll need to choose a topic related to the issue, such as “report a video that violated our Community Guidelines.”


    We created an organized article on tiktok customer service to help our readers as much as possible. feel free to report your problem next time. It used to be a big hassle for everyone to contact tiktok customer support, but we hope this article has answered all your questions!

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