How to Promote Products on TikTok: 18 Post Ideas That Work

With over a billion monthly users, tiktok is busy. that’s an understatement!

and so new products and brands go viral on the platform all the time.

good news, right?

the problem is that many companies on tiktok don’t know what they should post. That’s why it’s important to review trends and the types of content buyers want to see.

below are eighteen (!) tiktok promotion ideas and examples to inspire your own content.

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consumer packaged goods (cpg)

gadgets and technological products

beauty products, skin care and hair care

fashion products

health and wellness products

books and publishers

consumer packaged goods (cpg)

fun fact: there is no such thing as a “niche” product on tiktok. from #cleantok to #foodtok and beyond, there are shoppers of all shapes and sizes on the platform.

as a result, tiktok has become a hot spot for cpg brands to sell products. Let’s take a look at the types of videos they’re putting out to make this happen.

1. “shopping with me” videos

There are no surprises here! this trend involves documenting the process of making a purchase at the store. these videos take viewers on a fun journey showcasing your products.

like most tiktoks, these videos are most effective when customers film and narrate them.

Here’s an example of an awesome shopping tiktok from a creator associated with soda brand poppi. the video is playful and impromptu, as well as informative about the poppi product.

go shopping with me (1) (1)

source: @sammypur

everyday style content is very popular among creators promoting products on tiktok. Furthermore, this post illustrates how tiktok helps brands strengthen their retail partnerships.

2. recipe videos and how-to tips

food-focused posts always appear on tiktok.

from recipes to recommendations, tiktokkers love to share and learn new food tips. That’s why asking content creators to feature products in a recipe video is a great way for food brands to get noticed.

This gatsby chocolate post highlights how one creator used one of the brand’s bars to create his “frozen hot chocolate.” delicious right?

source: @mostdefnotmads

This example strikes a brilliant balance between entertainment and product display. authenticity allows creators to promote products on tiktok without feeling like a “seller”.

note: these posts involve a lot of quick cuts to keep viewers’ attention. remember: you do not need to show the entire process of making a recipe. instead, offer a quick preview of the steps.

3. taste tests and reaction videos

reaction videos are a proven way to get tiktokers talking. this is especially true if you are trying a unique food or drink.

if done right, you can create a taste test trend that drives people to try your product for themselves. Below is an example of a StatusSphere member trying Torani’s Salted Egg Yolk Syrup for the first time. She watches how she managed to earn over 18,000 likes in the process!

product review (1) (1)

source: @cydoesthings

This is a brilliant example of how promoting a tiktok product can capture the authenticity and personality of a creator. these videos also require no fancy effects or editing.

note: For this format, be sure to instruct creators to display your product label. this detail should be front and center in your influencer creative brief.

4. life hacks videos

From life tips to “did you know” content, tiktokers love to learn new things. in fact, nearly half of all searches on tiktok are done to help people “discover something new.”

For FMCG brands in the cleaning space, this could mean showing off a cleaning hack. the #cleantok community is constantly discussing and reviewing new products. this also includes oddly satisfying “clean me” videos like the one below.

source: @livecomposed

This video offers tips on how to clean the nooks and crannies of your home that are often neglected. meanwhile, the creator highlights how crocodile fabric does all the heavy lifting. lifehack videos make it easy to educate your audience and showcase products at the same time.

gadgets and technological products

the tech community is booming with over 14 billion views just using the hashtag #techtok.

There is no shortage of tiktokers sharing their favorite gadgets, gadgets and impulse purchases. Below is a snapshot of how to promote tech products on tiktok and stand out from the crowd.

5. product in action videos

if your product is innovative and exciting, let it speak for itself!

many tech brands have the advantage of promoting products that make tiktokers go “wow!” in some cases, simply showing your product in action makes for top-notch tiktok content.

The key is to frame the process as something that doesn’t feel promotional. You can do this by telling a story or highlighting how customers can use your product themselves.

This friendship lamp post is a great example. the video highlights how a couple uses the lamp to send messages to each other. adorable!

friendship lamp (1) (1)

source: @friendshiplamp

this shows people how the product works for sure. more importantly, the video allows people to imagine the product in their own hands. the human element of this video is also compelling. again, that’s why it’s so important for creators to promote products on tiktok on behalf of brands.

6. unboxing videos

unboxing videos are popular among techies on tiktok.

again, anything you can do to make people imagine your product is in their hands is a plus.

but with the unboxing videos, you’re helping them literally imagine it in their hands!

brands like divoom have mastered the art of unpacking video. many of her tiktoks document the process of unboxing and setting up her lighting products.

source: @divoom

the cute desk setups shown in these videos reflect the spaces of the brand’s target audience. simple but effective!

New call-to-action

beauty, skin care and hair care products

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to tiktok campaign ideas in the beauty space.

it’s not hard to see that beauty brands have pretty much taken over tiktok. the thing is, this makes breaking into the space difficult for brands new to the platform. Let’s look at some promotional ideas and examples to get you on the right track!

7. grwm videos (“get ready with me”)

we’ll say it again: daily user-generated content works well on tiktok.

heck, the hashtag #morningroutine has 2.3 billion views. This explains why “get ready with me” videos are among the most popular types of videos for beauty brands.

the concept here is simple. just document a morning routine where your product is in the mix.

This is yet another example of a tiktok promotion idea that humanizes your brand. Not to mention, these videos show how your product can become a part of someone’s everyday life. below is a grwm video of lime crime that pulls it off.

source: @limecrime

by the way, these videos don’t have to be just for morning routines. We’ve seen creators make GRWM videos for work, school, concerts, and even job interviews. the possibilities are endless here!

8. before & after videos

You’ve probably been disappointed by a personal care product in the past, right?

Think about how the same applies to your own customers. people want to be sure that what they are buying will produce the results they want. this is especially important if they are buying from a brand for the first time.

Before and after content is compelling because it provides proof that your products deliver results. check out this tiktok post from sephora with a testimonial from fola.

before and after skincare (1)

source: @sephora

The creator acknowledges the vulnerability of showing the progress of her skincare process. this highlights the power of authentic content where people speak directly to viewers.

9. explanatory videos of ingredients

For skincare and makeup brands, ingredient explainers educate customers and help them understand what they’re putting on their bodies. these videos might explain:

  • key ingredients in your product (and how they work)
  • why those key ingredients produce results
  • which irritants viewers should avoid in their skincare routines
  • For example, many people may not understand the benefits of kale or spinach for skin. this krave beauty post clues potential customers in on what they need to know:

    source: @kravebeauty

    remember: tiktokers love to learn. be sure to come up with tiktok marketing ideas that educate your target audience.

    fashion products

    for fashion brands, tiktok is the birthplace of countless fashions and trends. Style tips and interactive posts are hot in the apparel space right now. let’s dive into some examples below.

    10. “this one or that one?” videos

    if you want to boost audience engagement while promoting products on tiktok, try these!

    “this or that?” the videos involve comparing different outfit combinations and asking your audience which one they prefer. each combo is numbered so commenters can quickly respond with “1” or “2”.

    These posts give you the opportunity to promote multiple products in one video. Beyond that, they allow you to pick the brains of your audience and learn more about the products they like. here’s an example of an influencer who partnered with primark.

    this or that fashion (1)

    source: @vivacioushoney

    like many of our tiktok campaign ideas, there are tons of creative variations to play with. for example, we’ve seen “help me pick out my outfit” videos for occasions like date nights or the first day of school.

    11. test ride videos

    Shopping is a great way to show your audience what your out-of-the-box products look like.

    Start by filming some of your products in their original packaging. then, hold a show at home to highlight what each piece of clothing looks like in real life. the creators who shoot these videos often provide compliments or comments for each element.

    These types of videos are particularly valuable for eCommerce brands. That’s because your potential customers may be hesitant about how your items fit together. If you work with creators, you can show products on real people to put viewers at ease. that’s social proof at work!

    look at the following example from shopcider. Beyond the tour itself, the video also highlights how the brand includes size.

    source: shopcider

    12. “how to design” videos

    for social shoppers, tiktok is a go-to place for fashion advice.

    We’ve said it several times already, but tiktokers love to learn. styling tips and inspiration are totally fair game for fashion brands. For example, you can teach people how to dress up or down. these videos are a low key opportunity to promote trendy products on tiktok.

    how to style (1) (1)

    source: @tammytmai

    These videos drive the trend of helping people visualize themselves with your products.

    13. inspirational outfit videos

    there are more fashion trends and “aesthetics” on tiktok than we can count.

    #fairycore. #cottagecore. #y2kmoda. that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

    Taking advantage of smaller fashion communities is a smart move for brands promoting products on tiktok. if there is a specific aesthetic that is of interest to your audience, post how your pieces can help them achieve the look.

    for example, check out this post promoting aeropostale. the influencer here gets creative to showcase a variety of #cottagecore looks.

    outfit inspo (1) (1)

    source: @ellianawalmsley

    Even if your brand isn’t dedicated to a subgenre of fashion, chances are there are tiktok trends you can take advantage of. if you don’t know what those trends are, consider working with fashion influencers who do.

    health and wellness products

    educational content is a sure bet for wellness brands promoting products on tiktok. the platform’s entertainment formats are a great advantage for health brands. examples below!

    14. product explanatory videos

    how-to videos are crucial for health and wellness brands. Just like skincare ingredient explainers, these videos can “wow” and educate potential customers at the same time.

    with tiktok, you can take complex concepts and make them simple and engaging. For example, check out how lucky iron fish addresses frequently asked questions in the comments of his tiktok posts.

    source: @luckyironfish

    tiktok videos allow health brands to create concise and engaging videos to explain how products work. this is a good alternative to lengthy articles or studies that might otherwise bore people.

    note: consider pinning a post to the top of your tiktok page that directly explains how to use your product. this can serve as a 101 video for people meeting you for the first time.

    15. troubleshooting videos

    effective tiktok promotions speak to your audience and the issues they face. this is a big problem for brands promoting health-focused products. That’s because your products could literally solve your viewers’ pain points.

    discussing the symptoms can help you get the attention of your tiktok audience. if your product offers relief or a solution to a problem viewers are struggling with, you can engage with them.

    this tiktok ad for everlywell home lab tests is a great example. The video lists signs of a hormonal balance to help viewers understand if it’s a problem they’re dealing with. after listing the symptoms in bullet points, the spokesperson explains how everlywell works.

    health educational content (1) (1)

    source: @everlywell

    books and publishers

    the #booktok boom is one of the great surprises of the platform. in fact, the popularity of tiktok’s reading community contributed to record-breaking book sales last year. To conclude, let’s look at how people promote their favorite #booktok finds.

    17. teaser videos

    consider how you can create a small trailer for your book by reading a small excerpt on tiktok.

    of course, we recommend that you put your books in the hands of the creators. that’s because they can really show their enthusiasm and speak to their target audience. in fact, one of our very own statesphere creators got millions of views with an entertaining book preview because there are much worse moms out there than you.

    source: @aleximacee

    this video highlights the importance of promoting products on tiktok to the right audience. in this case, #momtok loved the creator’s narration and the book’s sense of humor.

    18. recommendation videos

    rabid tiktok readers are always on the hunt for their next favorite novel. as a result, recommendation videos are a smart move for publishing companies.

    Below is an example of a creator associated with gollancz publishing house. In the video, the creator shows off a list of popular hot titles along with the publisher’s next big release. he dives into tropes like dark magic and morally gray characters to appeal to readers who have enjoyed similar books in the past.

    book recommendations (1) (1) (1)

    source: @katsbooks

    product recommendations are huge on tiktok and books are no exception.

    discover the best way to promote products on tiktok

    ugh! Hopefully our ideas and examples can inspire you to improve your tiktok marketing strategy.

    But the key takeaway from all of this? product posts on tiktok work best when presented in an authentic way. In short, your videos need to be relatable to viewers while retaining their entertainment value.

    This is exactly why influencer marketing campaigns are so valuable to your marketing strategy. after all, they are already aware of their target audience and what tiktokers want to see.

    Of course, finding tiktok influencers is easier said than done. Not to mention, carrying out outreach activities and coordinating promotional campaigns yourself is a huge waste of time.

    that’s where statussphere can help. Our full-service influencer marketing platform connects brands with relevant influencers to promote products. We also take care of all the heavy lifting related to your influencer campaigns. this includes matchmaking, compliance, and results tracking.

    Want to know more about how the process works? contact one of our consumer-to-consumer marketing experts today to see how we can get more people posting about your brand as soon as possible.

    This article was first published in October 2021. It was last updated on August 22, 2022.

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