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Infiltrating fashion shows is nothing new. but thanks to tiktok, nyfw this year was chaos. danya_issawi reports

it was chaos.

the race to democratize fashion week was on, but not at the cost of profit. people were still determined to make coins. a guide to fashion week sold for $99. I’m nosy, so I bought it. The dropbox archive contained two email templates: one to request an invite to a show, and another to ask designers and advertisers to pull clothes from their collections to wear for the week. the rest of the kit included another PR email list, which was a mix of generic, incorrect, and blank; a video that was also available, free, on the influencer’s youtube; and a pdf titled “the ultimate guide to new york fashion week” full of open-ended suggestions, like staying in a hostel and taking the train into the city.

first republic secures $30 billion bailout of big banks | cnn business

First Republic Bank, facing a crisis of investor and customer confidence, is poised to receive a $30 billion lifeline from a group of America’s largest banks. read more >>

danya_issawi would love to be a part of this event, it sounds amazing

active shooter scare at texas high school causes chaos and lockdownpanicked parents arrived at a texas high school after police received a call of… multiple false alarms and hoaxes across the country today. What’s worse, there’s an actual shooting on campus almost every day.

is tiktok turning fashion week into chaos?tiktok is full of tips and tricks for participating in new york fashion week. For industry insiders, it’s becoming a major headache and raises questions about how to embrace the next generation of tastemakers. Yeah!!! and the Venice Film Festival. thank you! (^ hail the passing of hrh queen elizabet. long king charles!

Orderly Chaos: Why the Coin Market Index Matters for the New EconomyFor a viable capital market to form around a nascent industry, investors need a benchmark standardized and broad-based framework against which to measure and evaluate performance. welcome to the new coindesk market index (cmi). by jodiegunzberg and mikejcasey jodiegunzberg mikejcasey why is nooboody talking about this? jodiegunzberg mikejcasey we finally have a solid dex jodiegunzberg mikejcasey why is everyone silent about this?

New UN report shows addiction to fossil fuels is a ‘recipe for permanent climate chaos’ ‘there is nothing natural about the new scale of these disasters. They are the price of humanity’s addiction to fossil fuels,” the UN said. Secretary General Antonio Guterres. antonioguterres 0% global gdp growth and a green new deal is what it takes.

drew barrymore had a teary-eyed reunion with ex justin long, and they reflected on the “chaos” of their relationshipit wouldn’t be a drew barrymore moment without all the feelings you can handle.

‘We’re Drowning In Despair’: How 3 Doctors Are Navigating The Chaos Of Post-Roe AmericaAbortion Is Banned In At Least 12 States With Limited Exceptions, And Expected that more states do impose limits on the procedure, reports the new york times. maryannahernnbcababsolutely appalling that maryannahern spent time, interviewed and featured an interview with darren bailey and nbc aired it knowing her thoughts – comments from her on the holocaust and women’s rights. I’m upset.

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