How to Do That One Viral TikTok Photo Editing Hack on iPhone

have you seen the latest tiktok photo editing hack?

The one that all influencers use?

with over 1 billion monthly active users, tiktok is quickly becoming known for its creative and innovative content.

and lately tiktok users have been experimenting with a new photo editing trick that gives photos a sun-kissed golden hour look.

That’s right, we’re here to talk about the viral tiktok editing hack for iphone that’s taking the app by storm. read on to learn how to use the trick and take your social media content from drab to fab in no time.

what is tiktok photo editing hack?

iphone tiktok photo editing trick is an iphone trick that consists of increasing the brightness and contrast , doing editing and reducing it .

The end result is a warm, sun-kissed golden hour photo that looks like it was taken from a professional camera.

This edit is perfect for travel photos, food photos, portraits and more. Give your skin a post-holiday glow or make your landscape photos look like they were taken in Provence, all with this tiktok photo hack.

TikToks love this new trend, and videos showing the process have racked up millions of views. the creators simply screenrecord themselves using the photo editing trick and end up with a big reveal once they turn down the brightness and contrast.

this trend was originally shared by tiktok user @anaugazz, who racked up over 19.7 million views with the viral edit hack.

User @hannah_ludwig, who also has a popular tiktok account, followed up with her own edit, racking up another 8.9 million views.

and third place goes to @naknbdd with 7.9 million views.

how to do tiktok photo editing trick in 5 steps

the tiktok photo editing hack is easier than you think.all you need is an iphone and five minutes of your day.

here is how to do tiktok editing viral trick for iphone:

1. Go to your iPhone’s camera roll (also known as the Photos app) and choose the image you want to edit. then click edit in the upper right corner.

landscape photo in iPhone photos app with the "Edit" button highlighted

2. scroll right in your editing panel and choose exposure. then set the exposure to maximum, 100.

iphone image with exposure set to 100

3. move to brightness and set it to 100 as well.

iphone image with brilliance set to 100

4. scroll down the list and set the highlights to -35. then edit the remaining settings as follows:

  • set shadows to -28
  • set contrast to -30
  • set brightness to -15
  • set black point to 10
  • set saturation to 10
  • set vibration to 8
  • set warmth to 10
  • set to tint at 39
  • set sharpness to 14
  • set bullet to 23
  • 5. now go back to exposure and brightness and set both to 0. then, reveals its final image.

    iphone image completed using tiktok photo editing hack

    we hope you enjoyed learning this tiktok photo editing trick. And hey, who knows, maybe you could be the next viral sensation with a tiktok editing hack of your own!

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