“I Ain’t Ever Heard A Normal Story About How A Hamster Died

weird stories of hamster deaths are no stranger to us here at ruining my week. Remember that story we did about the girl who (accidentally) buried her hamster alive about a year and a half ago? if not, you can read about it here.

well, it turns out that somehow, hamsters always die in a strange way. thanks to a viral tiktok where @weloveyou3lan said: “I’ve never heard a normal story about how a hamster died.” over 22,000 have commented with a story about the crazy ways their hamster died.

It should be noted that there is no way to confirm the legitimacy of these stories.

although half of them are probably legitimate.

I’m sorry I’ve heard of hamsters eating themselves to death sooner.

well, ever since that tiktok went viral, many people have argued that hamsters only die traumatically. in fact, this tiktoker is convinced that her evil hamster burned down an entire pet store and committed suicide.

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and now, more than 16 million people are baffled by the bizarre death of a hamster shared by a tiktoker named caroline padilla. the tiktok begins with her saying, “just saw a tiktok where this girl was saying, ‘if you’ve ever had a hamster, comment on how it died because they always die in really traumatic ways… i’ve been waiting for this one.”

“when I was 8 years old, because we are always 8 years old, right? um, I had a hamster. his name was annoying. don’t ask me what that means. I literally have no idea. okay? That was her name, and it’s pivotal to the story. I can’t change it.”

“So, her name was annoying, and she was my best friend. I had it during the summer, and I took it everywhere with me. she would come with me to the mall, and I would take her with me in the pocket of my hoodie. she would put it in those little boxes where you catch bugs and lizards that had air holes. I would put it there. she would take her everywhere. he was obsessed with her, okay? and I was one of those kids whose parents didn’t let me have dogs for a long time; They told me: ‘we are not going to have a dog’. So, they gave me the next best thing: a rodent.”

“I took her everywhere, and after the summer was over, I was like, ‘oh man. she’s going to be alone. I’ve got to get her a friend. I’ve got to do something. So, I got her a friend.’ bought another hamster her name was luna luna was a little gray dwarf hamster she was like a little gray ball pessy was a medium sized normal brown hamster.”

“the day after my moon is born, i wake up, i’m walking to the cage to see my little hamster friends, and pessy is face down, lying on her back, not moving. I’m like, ‘annoyed? girl? my god, angry? I’m rattling the cage. I don’t see a moon anywhere so I’m shaking the cage, like, ‘oh my god, oh my god.’ so pessy flips over a bit and there’s a ball of gray fur underneath her. no hamster, just fur. just the fur.”

“luna is nowhere to be found, and pessy looks a little fat. it looks a little bigger than the day before. if you understand me, she ate it. she ate it. my God. my hamster ate my other hamster, but somehow that’s not the worst part… I don’t know, maybe it is. I’m going to do a second part.”

before we get to the second part, let it be known that caroline didn’t know if pessy was still alive or not after she ate luna… however, as you’ll see below, both she and her father left her for dead.

well, that was the first part.

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you can see the full video of the first part here.

now, to the second part. Caroline explains: “so my hamster ate my other hamster, and I’m 8 years old. I have no experience with grief, with the loss of pets, with cannibalism, none of that. So, I’m like freaking out, completely distraught, sobbing, on the floor, retching. and my lovely little tiny bald Hispanic dad walks over and says, ‘ah man, that’s… that’s hard. we will have a funeral for it.’”

“what I couldn’t remember was that I had a playdate that day with my friend christine. then my dad comes; my dad takes pessy, her corpse, and luna, because by default she is inside her, and wraps them in toilet paper. and I lived in an apartment complex with a lake in the middle.”

“so, christine comes over, and this poor girl thought we were going to have a silly, silly, silly time, hanging out, playing mermaids or something, but nooooo, girl. you’re a mean hamster funeral you didn’t ask for. so she comes over and I’m already outside with my dad, sobbing, crying, probably wearing a limited edition black suit.”

“My dad takes a little hamster burrito, wrapped in toilet paper, and puts it on top of a remote control boat. and he just drove it in circles [in the lake] until she rolled. he was heartbroken. Christine was probably just standing there; she doesn’t even remember what she did. Christine, if you’re watching this, I don’t think we’ll talk again after that date, and I don’t blame you.”

you can watch the full video of the second part here:

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