How to Go Live on TikTok (With or Without 1,000 Followers)

Ready to stream on the fastest growing social media platform? This is your guide on how to go live on tiktok, why you would want to do it, and how you can try to do it without the minimum 1000 followers.

Going live on tiktok has the same benefits as going live on any social media channel: it’s your chance to connect with your audience in real time.

When you’re live on tiktok, viewers can ask questions and interact with you in the moment. there is a spontaneity and authenticity that comes with live streaming. After all, there are no cuts, no edits, no censors! Anything can happen, and chaos is exciting (not to mention that live streams are also a great way to boost social commerce).

Whether you’re hosting a series, having a conversation, sharing a tutorial, or putting on a performance, live broadcasts create opportunities to hone your skills and build your brand.

a unique benefit of going live on tiktok: if you’re over 18, viewers can send you virtual gifts, which you can then redeem for cash. You can also use this feature to raise money for charity, although the “exchange rate” is not very good.

what are tiktok lives?

tiktok lives are real-time broadcasts that people watch on the tiktok app. they are usually short and tend to be informal. brands, however, often create more structured lives, such as cooking shows, exercise tutorials, or product tutorials.

Like live videos on facebook and instagram, live tiktok has quickly become a popular form of communication. brands can build trust, educate their audience and increase engagement.

how many followers do you need to go live on tiktok?

you need 1000 followers to post on tiktok. and you must be at least 16 years old. There is a rumored workaround for the 1000 followers minimum, something we tried ourselves, but it didn’t work. maybe you will have better luck? more on that below!

how to go live on tiktok

Here’s how to go live on tiktok if you have access to the platform’s live streaming capabilities.

1.tap the create icon on the home screen (that’s the plus sign at the bottom of the screen).

create plus sign icon on TikTok home screen

2. swipe left all the way to live in the bottom navigation bar, choose an image and type a title for your stream. remember: your title and cover image should entice people to click on your video, so make sure they grab your viewer’s attention!

Live red button

source: tiktok

3. once you’re ready, press go live to start your broadcast. it will count down from 3 and then boom! you’re live!

press go live button to start stream

source: tiktok

4. once you’re live, you can tap the three dots to access settings and features. here, you can flip your camera, add effects, filter comments, and add up to 20 moderators.

5. when you’re ready to finish,tap the x in the top left corner to end your tiktok live stream.

how to live stream on tiktok on a tablet

how to go live on tiktok on a tablet is exactly the same as going live on a mobile device. follow the same steps listed above and you shouldn’t have any problems.

how to join someone’s live on tiktok

you can easily request to join someone else’s live stream on tiktok.

  1. First, find the concert you want to join, click on it, and then head over to the comments section.
  2. In the comments section, there is a button that looks like two smiley faces. tap this to submit a request to join the stream.
  3. once your request is approved, your screen will be split in two. And voila, you’ve joined the live stream!
  4. how to go live on tiktok without 1000 fans

    we heard some rumors that there was a solution to release it, even without 1000 fans. although we definitely don’t endorse hacks not approved by tiktok, we had to give it a try.

    basically, the supposed solution was to file a support ticket (also known as a lie) claiming that you used to have live access and asking the customer service representative to “reset” this privilege.

    but long story short, we tried this trick and it didn’t work.

    You may have better luck than us. here is the suggested protocol:

    1. To submit this report, go to your profile and select the hamburger menu in the upper right corner.

    hamburger menu in the top right corner

    2.go to settings and privacy

    settings and privacy

    3. scroll down to report a problem

    TikTok support report a problem

    4. in popular, press “can’t start a concert”

    5. from here, press “no”

    report a problem I can't start a LIVE

    6. then fill out a report saying that you used to be able to start a live stream but you can’t anymore. submit your report and wait for a representative to contact you.

    tell us your feedback

    apparently, this trick has worked for many before. but not for us. if it doesn’t work for you either, you better get to work to increase engagement and grow your fan base organically.

    7 tips for live streaming on tiktok

    live streaming is a huge draw for content creators, marketers, and in-app brands. but if you’re new to tiktok, the thought of going live can be a bit daunting.

    Going live without an audience, messing up your screen, or generally failing can be easily avoided. don’t worry, we got you.

    here are seven tips to help you get the most out of your tiktok live experience.

    take no chances

    Going live can be stressful, and if you’re not prepared, things can quickly go off the rails. Before you post, take some time to plan out your content and rehearse what you’re going to say.

    You’ll be less likely to slur your tongue or cover an awkward silence with an even more awkward dance move. trust me, your tiktok followers will thank you.

    collaborate with friends

    Collaborating with like-minded accounts will help you reach a wider audience and get more exposure for your brand. Or consider partnering with influencers. your larger following will help broaden your reach and help you connect with potential new fans.

    Don’t be afraid to find someone to interview. Interviews are a great way to provide valuable content and connect with your audience on a personal level.

    give people a reason to attend

    Whether it’s offering exclusive content or running a giveaway, make sure your viewers have an incentive to tune in. tiktok is all about entertainment so find a link that makes your live stream interesting and worth watching.

    Ask yourself, what makes your live stream unique? consider what will make people want to stick around for the entire broadcast. finally, make sure it’s interesting. Live streaming is all about interacting with your audience in real time. keep the conversation flowing and make sure there is never a dull moment.

    promote in advance

    By promoting your stream in advance, you’ll have a better chance of attracting an audience.

    You can promote in a number of ways, the most popular of which is posting on social media. You’ll want to cross-promote your posts across all of your social channels to reach as many people as possible. and of course you can use hootsuite to schedule this multi-channel promotional campaign.

    You might even end up creating other content that promotes your stream. Maybe you’re doing an interview and want to link to a landing page that has more information about the event. make sure to shorten your url before posting it.

    the key is to start promoting your stream a few days in advance so people have time to clear their schedules and tune in.

    if you’re a creator, you can promote your stream with a tiktok live event. live events is a feature of tiktok where creators can let their audience know in advance when they will go live. people can register for your event and get notified sooner. and now, you can even do paid promotions through tiktok.

    finding the right moment

    Before going live, it’s important to find the right time. That’s where Hootsuite’s Best Time to Post feature comes into play. it will help you determine when your audience is most likely to be online and engage with you. so take a look and plan your tiktok live stream accordingly. trust me, it will make all the difference.

    best time to publish TikTok heatmap

    try hootsuite for free

    keep it brief

    about 30 minutes is a good length for a tiktok live video, depending on the content. you want to engage your audience long enough that they don’t leave before you’re ready to wrap up.

    planning for 30 minutes gives you enough time to

    • achieve your goals
    • engage your audience (don’t forget about chat!)
    • I leave it with a buffer for anything that might derail the stream
    • set the scene

      Set up your space in a clean area with an atmosphere you can control. make sure you have a stable shooting surface with good lighting. a ring light, for example, will make your live stream look more professional.

      be aware of your surroundings and make sure you are not interrupted while filming. The last thing you want while filming a professional product review video is for her husband to barge in and ask whether or not she remembered to buy toilet paper.

      You can’t edit your live videos, so try to mitigate any potential issues beforehand.

      grow your tiktok presence alongside your other social channels using hootsuite. Schedule and publish posts for the best times, engage your audience, and measure performance, all from one easy-to-use dashboard. try it free today.


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