The best and easiest Tiktok dances to learn with your family

Dance like no one is watching. Or dance like it’s going viral.

Social media app tiktok, once run by teens, seems to be having a moment during the coronavirus pandemic, and with more than just the young. the platform is drawing everyone, even 30s and boomers, to the platform to enjoy some much-needed lightness during the crisis.

“It’s been inspiring to see the tiktok community come together to bring a little light, laughter and positivity to this difficult time,” he told usa. “We’ve seen an amazing variety of content created, as well as a torrent of creativity from users of all ages.”

how, you ask? through the dance!

with families sequestered at home, learning tiktok dances is today’s hobby. you join? here are some fun and easy tiktok dances you can learn with your co-stars in quarantine.

Scroll to the bottom of this story for some tips on how to learn them.

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something new

This may be the easiest tiktok dance for a bored family to master, as evidenced by celebrity families including the Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez clan and the Lebron James crew. dance is performed to “something new” by wiz khalifa (featuring ty dolla $ign). Start by lining up from largest to smallest. then each family member does a little toss to reveal the next person. oh-so-lovely!

blinding lights

This tiktok dance may require a little more coordination, but it’s worth the time it takes to learn. Performed under “blinding lights” every weekend, this heart-pumping routine doubles as exercise. bonus points if you can teach dad how to do it.

slide too big

No, this is not your mom’s “electric slide”. And no, you don’t have to have moves like Michael Jackson to pull it off. upload drake’s “toosie slide” for this simple tiktok dance. feel free to get down with your bad self before the chorus jumps out and you follow the lyrics: “right foot up, left foot slide, left foot up, right foot slide”. fun right?

oh na na na

this one might take a couple of hours to tackle, but you’re bored, right? it also requires a partner and agile footwork. But if Jimmy Fallon can do it, so can you! tiktok star charli d’amelio taught him and he succeeded.

hit your rollie

“One hand, one hand! Two hands, two hands!” We never tire of this dance. stephen “twitch ” boss, the dj on “the ellen degeneres show ” and his wife allison holker, do this with their newborn baby. Sure, they are professional dancers, but don’t let that stop you. just “lean with it, move with it”.

relaxed (siren sound)

simple, but catchy! This easy dance paired with a happy-go-lucky tune might be just what you need right now.

magic in the hamptons

This is another one that might take a while to learn, but it wasn’t a problem for this mom. the peppy dance is done at “magic in the hamptons” by the social house.

drop kick

It’s always nice when the lyrics tell you what to do. nate conner’s “the kick drop” can be learned fairly quickly, and can be done while holding a small child or pet.

so are you ready to dance your heart out?

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how to learn a tiktok dance

some tiktok dances have tutorials online, or you can just find the dance you want to learn and watch the video over and over again until you master it.

but the best way to learn a more complicated dance is to “practice” it first as a “duo” on tiktok.

follow these steps:

  • When you’re in a dance video you want to learn, tap the arrow icon as if you’re going to share it.
  • play “duet”.
  • slow down the video speed and practice along with the original video.
  • Don’t share these outtakes! delete all that nonsense.
  • once you master the dance, create your tiktok using the “sound” for that dance.
  • happy dancing!

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