A Guide to Using Hashtags on TikTok Boosted

As a health care provider, there are many strict doctor-patient rules that you must adhere to at all times.

However, that doesn’t mean you can or shouldn’t use tiktok as a fun and engaging tool to help promote and grow your medical practice.

So, for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals ready to use this modern social platform, we’ve put together the following guide on using tiktok hashtags effectively to increase the reach of your content.

Let’s get to it!

basic hashtag strategies for doctors

using hashtags is important for a couple of reasons.

For starters, they help tiktok’s algorithm to understand the context of your posts and know when to show them to users.

but on top of that, they also make it easy for users of the platform to find and explore similar content, which, in turn, can also help your tiktok videos reach a wider audience than just those you already like. follow.

That said, the tiktok hashtags you use should always be relevant and at least somewhat descriptive of the video content you’re posting.

using irrelevant hashtags will make your content look spammy to your potential audience.

use of brand hashtags

brand hashtags are simply hashtags uniquely relevant to your brand or the products or services you offer.

using branded hashtags can help viewers associate your content with your brand, or in this case, your medical practice. but at the same time, using branded hashtags will also make it easier for your followers to see all your related content with just one click.

For example, as a medical practice, let’s say you recently released a series of short tiktok videos about the harmful effects of smoking and how to get help to quit.

in this case, you can choose to use a branded hashtag, like #quitsmokingwithdrjohn or something similar, in all the videos you post.

This way, when a tiktok user sees one of your videos, they’ll easily have the option to click on your hashtag, allowing them to browse and explore all the videos you’ve created about quitting.

analyze the competition

To find hashtags that are very popular and still relevant to the type of services you offer, it’s never a bad idea to take a look at your competitors to see what they’re doing that might work for you.

Of course, you certainly don’t want to copy them, but it’s still good to keep an eye on what others are currently doing, which you can then use to generate tags and content ideas for your own practice.

For example, when you look at @nursekala, with over 56,000 followers and over half a million likes, it’s easy to see why taking a few notes from a professional could benefit your practice.

use the most popular 25 doctor hashtags to copy & paste

While you’ll always want to use hashtags that are relevant and descriptive of your content, it’s also a good idea to mix them up with some of the most popular hashtags in the industry.

Here is a short list of some of the most commonly used hashtags by doctors and medical offices. however, be sure to get creative, use hashtags in a fun and engaging way, and you can easily reach a larger audience than ever before.

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