How to Add Captions on TikTok: 3 Easy TikTok Caption Methods

what is tiktok?

tiktok is a popular video-based social media app with a growing audience. On tiktok, creators can shoot and share short videos in response to current trends, challenges, and events.

The tiktok algorithm makes it easier than ever for new creators to grow their audience reach. tiktok sends relevant content to users based on their past interests. this means that videos automatically appear in front of audiences that are likely to enjoy them.

As tiktok continues to grow as a social media empire, more and more users are joining the platform. Every day thousands of new short-form videos are added to tiktok, with new opportunities available for marketing, community building, and even video monetization.

why do you need subtitles on tiktok?

tiktok is all about video content, but subtitles also play an important role in the app.

Aside from the short description that accompanies each tiktok video, captions are your only real chance to include text-based information in your tiktok posts.

By including subtitles as part of your tiktok strategy, you can take full advantage of a variety of benefits, including those related to accessibility, reach, and watch time. no downsides!

benefits of adding subtitles in your tiktok videos

Adding subtitles to your tiktok videos can have many important benefits, helping you grow your account and reach the next milestone in your social media marketing journey.

increase the accessibility of your content

Using subtitles, you can ensure that your tiktok videos are accessible to users who are hard of hearing or who cannot listen to videos with sound activated. adding on-screen captions to describe audio content helps make your tiktok account as inclusive as possible. Plus, you’ll be able to reach a larger potential audience!

improve your reach with seo

Beyond the significant accessibility benefits tiktok subtitles provide, subtitling your tiktok videos can help you improve your seo (search engine optimization) and increase your content in the app algorithm. By making it easier for digital technologies to interpret and categorize your content, subtitles can help your tiktok videos be shown to more interested users.

how to add subtitles on tiktok

Adding subtitles to your tiktok videos is easy when you know how! There are several different ways to add tiktok captions before posting your latest content. these are some of the simpler strategies.

how to add automatic subtitles on tiktok

The first option is to use tiktok’s automatic subtitles feature. This feature allows you to automatically generate subtitles for your tiktok videos, based on smart technology systems.

automatic captions are a great way to save time creating videos and ensure your content always includes captions. however, it is not infallible. automatic captions can be prone to errors, so you’ll need to carefully review your captions before posting content.

to add automatic subtitles, follow these steps:

Step 1: Save or Load

First, record or upload your tiktok video. You can do this by opening the tiktok app, selecting the + icon to create a video and using the record button to capture content or the upload button to add clips from camera roll. once you’re done, tap the red checkmark button or the next button, depending on whether you recorded content in the app or uploaded from another source.

step 2: turn on subtitles

Next, look at the menu on the right side of the screen. here you will find the subtitles option. Click here and accept the consent form that appears. then select turn on subtitles. this will allow the tiktok app to automatically generate subtitles for your content.

step 3: check subtitles

Once your captions are ready, it’s time to review them. your captions will appear as edited at the bottom of the screen. tap the play button next to each line and check that your subtitles match the content of your video. if you need to make changes, you can touch the text and retype the captions. when you’re done reviewing, click save to finish.

Step 4: Prepare to publish

When the captions are complete, you’re ready to publish your video! review all of your content one last time before advancing to the post screen, enter a description and hashtags, and hit post to share your video.

how to add subtitles via subtitle software

If you’d rather not use tiktok’s built-in captioning tools, don’t worry. you can also create subtitles using other software tools. there are a variety of options available that are compatible with tiktok videos.

Subtitle software is a good option, as it allows you to easily and efficiently generate subtitles without the need to manually transcribe the audio. Like tiktok subtitles, other software tools can be prone to errors, so it’s always important to check subtitles for errors before they go live.

to add subtitles with subtitle software, follow these steps:

step 1: choose your software system

Before you can start generating subtitles, you’ll need to choose the right software to help you. some popular software options include kapwing and wondershare. different systems have different features and benefits, so consider what tools you need before making your final decision.

step 2: generate subtitles

next, it’s time to generate video subtitles! the process for this will vary slightly depending on the tool you use. however, most software tools, such as kapwing, will require you to load a video from your camera roll and then click a button to automatically generate subtitles.

step 3: download your video

Once your captions are complete and you’ve reviewed them to make sure there are no errors, you’re ready to export and download your video. Save your video to your device, ideally a mobile with the tiktok app installed. your video with subtitles will be stored in your device’s camera roll.

step 4: upload and publish

When you’re ready, you can now upload your video with subtitles to tiktok and post it! you will need to upload your video from your camera roll. you can do this by opening the tiktok app and selecting the + icon. click upload to import videos from your device’s camera roll.

how to add subtitles to tiktok manually

Finally, if you don’t want to use an automatic caption generator, you can choose to add captions to your tiktok manually. this is possible using tiktok’s built-in text editing tools and features.

Adding subtitles manually is a good way to ensure that your subtitles are clear and accurate without major errors. while this option may take a little more time, it also gives you access to a greater variety of tools and visual effects.

to add manual subtitles, follow these steps:

Step 1: Save or Load

Before you can add or edit subtitles, you need video content! Start by opening the tiktok app and selecting the + icon. Here, you can use the record button to capture a new video or the upload option to upload from your camera feature. Select the red tick or the next button when you’re ready to start captioning.

step 2: listen and transcribe

Then, choose the text icon at the top of the menu on the right side of your screen. this will open the text editing tool, activating your device’s keyboard. listen carefully to your audio content and use the keyboard to transcribe what you hear as accurately as possible. if your video is quite short, you can group all the content in a single title. if it’s longer, you can add multiple subtitle blocks, adjusting the timing so they appear inline with the audio content.

step 3: review and edit

When you’ve finished writing your subheadings, you’re ready to edit and review. This is your chance to review your written content and make corrections before your video goes live. You can also use this opportunity to change the color and font of your subtitle groups. When you have finished editing each group, select done at the top right of your screen. click and drag to move the text. tap on the text to open the time adjustment tools.

step 4: publish your content

Once the manual subtitle sets are complete, it’s time to upload them! Proceed to the post screen and add your video description, hashtags, and any other required content. then choose publish to share your video!

how to edit and add subtitles to tiktok video after posting

after posting a video on tiktok, it is possible to review some elements of your post. for example, you can save a video to your camera roll, merge it with another video, or edit privacy settings and tagged accounts.

Unfortunately, there is no way to edit your captions after your tiktok video has been posted. This is because the text that appears on the screen is part of your video content, regardless of how you created your subtitles.

The only way to fix subtitle errors on tiktok is to delete your video and repost it with the correct subtitles applied. This isn’t ideal, especially if your video already has substantial views or engagements. That’s why it’s so important to double check tiktok subtitles before you choose to post.

how to turn subtitles on tiktok on and off when watching videos

tiktok subtitles are a great way to enhance your content and your viewing experience. this means that videos that include subtitles will continue to display them, regardless of your settings or preferences.

tiktok subtitles tips

When you know how to use tiktok captions effectively, you can create clear, high-quality content that is accessible to all types of tiktok users. As you improve your captioning skills, keep the following tips in mind:

  • tip 1: When recording video content, try to speak clearly as it is easy for automated systems to generate accurate captions for your speech. >
  • tip 2: check your language settings in the tiktok app so that your subtitles are generated in the language you speak.
  • tip 3: try to avoid writing subheadings in large blocks of text. instead, break up subheadings so they are easy to read.
  • tip 4: make sure your subheadings are as clear as possible. sync them with your audio content and choose colors, fonts, and placements that are easy to see.
  • tip 5: always check your subtitles before posting your video. this way, you can avoid errors in your final content.
  • how to easily make tiktok clips with subtitles on riverside

    are you a podcaster ready to make the leap into tiktok content creation? riverside can help! riverside clips helps you convert long form video and audio content into short content suitable for tiktok. combine this with our easy to add automatic transcriptions and subtitles to your tiktok video.

    follow these steps to create a riverside tiktok video with proper transcriptions for subtitles:

    Step 1: Create or enter a riverside studio. you can do this by selecting +new study in your panel.

    You’ll need to name your studio and select your recording type. choose audio & video, while making a tiktok video.

    step 2: select enter studio and you will see the lobby where you can test your camera and microphone. select join study when you are ready.

    step 3: press the record button and use the clip marker to highlight sections of content.

    Step 4: Once you’ve finished recording, wait for the files to load, then click View Recordings in your studio’s sidebar. select the recording you want to edit.

    (note that you can also access studio recordings directly from your control panel)

    Step 5: You can access your bookmarked clips at the bottom of the screen under Clips or you can select edit & create clips to create your own.

    step 6: when the following screen appears, choose the 9:16 aspect ratio, which is perfect for watching tiktok. you can also change the dimension of your video afterwards with the layout button in the editor.

    step 7: use the riverside timeline to select sections of your video. click and drag to turn the content into clips. you can see your created clips in the left column and you can add more clips by pressing the + button.

    step 9: you will receive your exports by email so you can upload your riverside videos directly to tiktok.

    step 10: lastly, generate your transcripts. Go back to your studio recordings, select your clip and click transcribe in the top right.

    Download subtitle transcripts that you can easily use to record subtitles on your video.

    faq on how to add subtitles on tiktok

    Still not sure about the tiktok subtitle process? here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

    why can’t i add subtitles on tiktok?

    If you’re having trouble adding subtitles to your tiktok videos, you may have a technical glitch. reread our instructions for adding subtitles and make sure you don’t miss any important steps. If you still can’t add subtitles, turn up the volume and make sure audio content is available in your video. This is what the tiktok app will use to automatically generate subtitles.

    how do subtitles move on tiktok?

    Once you’ve created captions for your tiktok video, you may need to move them around so they appear on a different part of the screen where they’re easier to read or won’t obscure other elements of the video. unfortunately, when you enable automatic captions, they will appear fixed on the screen. however, manually added subtitles can be easily dragged across the screen.

    ready to start using tiktok? start your riverside clips journey right now!

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